The IMAGEN project, “Reinforcement-related behaviour in normal brain function and psychopathology” has recruited n=2090 participants from four European countries, UK, Germany, France and Ireland. Baseline assessment was at age 14 years, with follow-up assessments at 16 years, 19 years, and 23 years (ongoing).  IMAGEN  measures  include  functional  neuroimaging,  including  resting  state  and  tasks assessing reward processing (Monetary Incentive Delay, MID; impulsiveness (Stop Signal Reaction Time, SSRT; socialemotional processing (Emotional Faces Task, EFT; and resting state. –genomics characterisation comprise genome-wide genomic (including exome sequencing), gene expression and epigenetic methylation data. Neuropsychological measures include IQ and executive function using the Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery (CANTAB). Clinical phenotypes were indexed using   the   Development   and   Wellbeing   Assessment   (DAWBA)   and   Strengths   and   Difficulties Questionnaire  (SDQ).  There  is  an  extensive  characterisation  of  behavioural  measures  related  to externalising behaviour and substance use.

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