The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) is a large scale longitudinal study of children born in Avon (UK) during the early 1990s and has been established as a resource for the study of genetic and environmental factors contributing to long term health and development. As a long-term, large-scale  population  study,  ALSPAC  offers  a  chance  to  study  the  biological  and  environmental influences affecting a person’s health. The ALSPAC project has accrued a wealth of health and lifestyle data collated from questionnaires completed by parents, physical examinations of children, health records,  biological  sample  analysis  and  tests  on  the  home  environment.  Subsequently  ALSPAC  has become known as an invaluable resource to researchers around the world investigating child health issues and the causes and prevention of childhood ailments and disorders

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